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You can download any single individual music track instantly for $19 in either MP3 or WAV file format.
Choose single tracks from over 100 music categories, selecting and mixing any number of tracks you need.
Purchase any
*complete* category at a discounted price of $45. Includes all the tracks within that category.

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If you are purchasing TWO or more *single* tracks or *complete* categories, you can save an additional 40%.
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Get single tracks for as low as $11.40 or complete categories for $27.00 when purchasing 2 or more items.

Click Here to go to our Music Download Center to audition and purchase single tracks or complete categories.
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New! - You can now purchase our entire Flagship Library on a USB THUMB DRIVE.
Purchase the Complete Flagship Series ( all 102 category titles listed - Over 2500 Tracks ) for $649.00.
Get all 102 titles in both categorized MP3 *and* WAV file format folders on a USB THUMB DRIVE.

Purchasing the Complete Flagship Library on USB Thumb Drive not only gets you over 2500 tracks in both,
MP3 and WAV formats, but includes our *complete* Sound Effects Series of over 950 Sound Effects.

If you want to purchase the entire Flagship Series on a USB Thumb Drive, CLICK HERE.

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Flagship Series Audio CDs:line spacer
We offer all our Flagship titles on audio CD also. See the Flagship Series ordering page for selections.

flagship pic spacer Purchase any 1 Flagship CD title for $39.00
Purchase any 3 Flagship CD titles for $99.00 - Our Most Popular Package !
Purchase any 6 Flagship CD titles for $150.00
Purchase any 12 Flagship CD titles for $240.00
Purchase any 24 Flagship CD titles for $384.00spacer
Purchase the Complete Flagship Series ( all titles listed - Over 2500 Tracks! ) - $649.00
Get all 102 titles in both categorized Mp3 *and* WAV file format on a USB THUMB DRIVE.
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CLICK HERE for a listing of all the Sound Effects included with any online order.


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