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Better Marine Wildlife Photography

7 Tips for Better Marine Wildlife Photography

I'm an ocean girl. To me, there is no better way to spend a summer day than to get out on the water and explore the mystery that is the deep blue sea, and hopefully experience some of the majestic creatures that live in it and on it....

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5 Tips for Setting the Focus

5 Tips for Setting the Focus in Your Landscape Photography

In many types of photography the question of where you should set your focus is pretty simple. For example, in portrait photography, there is one simple rule: focus on the eyes...

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Making a living with Travel Photography

How to make survive making a living with Travel Photography

Travel photography is not always going to make you a lot of money, but the freedom of the lifestyle can be particularly attractive. Living life on your own terms and...

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How To Set Photography Goals

Why You Should Set Photography Goals and How To Do So

Setting goals is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, tools for growth. As photographers and business owners, setting goals, can help keep you on track, focused, and heading in the...

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Fujifilm's X-T2 Delivers 4K Video

Fujifilm's X-T2 Delivers 4K Video, Improved AF

Fujifilm's new X-T2 mirrorless camera may look similar to its predecessor, but it's had a major internal overhaul to improve AF speed, video recording and overall performance....

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Guide to Skies in Portrait Photography

Guide to Dramatic Skies in Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is very diverse. While some enjoy the comfort of studio portraits and the flexibility it brings, others prefer...

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The War in every Portrait

The War in every Portrait

Every portrait is a war between the sitter's vanity and the photographer's guile". This video has some thoughts on capturing the authentic person when...

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Panasonic Announces Entry Level Palm Camcorder

Panasonic announces feature rich entry level palm camcorder

The AG-AC30 is a 1-chip Full-HD camcorder, which brings an unprecedented number of useful tools and features, that will help deliver professional looking pictures in all environments...

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Educate Your Clients to Make Them Comfortable

How to Educate Your Clients to Make Them Comfortable and Get Stellar Shots

We'll never forget the look on one of our earliest client's faces when she arrived at her photoshoot. She stepped out of her car and saw our smiling faces waiting...

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11 Steps for Basic Portrait Editing in Lightroom

11 Steps for Basic Portrait Editing in Lightroom – A Beginner's Guide

I love Lightroom, and use it for the vast majority of my portrait editing. You can achieve a wide variety of portrait effects in Lightroom, from harsh and grungy, to soft and dreamy....

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6 Ways to Add Drama and Mystery to Your Images

Ways to Add Drama and Mystery to Your Image

Recently at a get together with 6 photographer friends we started chatting about the idea of adding Drama and Mystery to images...

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Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About

A Massive List of Spring 2016 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About

Spring is a great time to dust the cobwebs off unfinished scripts, log that documentary footage, and get some of those green dollar bills for your next film...

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Meet DJI's new Phantom 4...

DJI's new Phantom 4

Fly for 28 minutes, an increase in effective flight time of 25% from the Phantom 3 Professional. Enjoy 3.1mi (5km) of range, with complete control and a live 720p HD view of everything the camera sees....

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